Jaime De Loera


Jaime De Loera

Graphic Designer


Jaime is an integral member of Dragonfly Design Group, with a knack for creative execution under pressure and staying ahead of schedule. He regularly works on logos and corporate ID systems, branding, marketing collateral, infographics and digital content for Dragonfly’s array of clients.

Jaime joined the team in 2014 after working four years in-house for one of Los Angeles’ top print shops. He draws on that print expertise when client projects demand it. Adding more dimension to his skillset, Jaime also has experience as a contract designer for NBC and E! Network, where he worked on consumer-centric advertorials for print and digital distribution.

Jaime holds a BFA from Woodbury University. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he is a huge fan of extreme sports and snowboarding, and an unabashed fan of winter. He turns to hiking when there is not enough snow to shred.