Why Fly?

Three hundred million years of evolution have perfected the dragonfly into the stealth jet of the insect world. With four independent wings and near-360-degree vision, it can fly in any direction, catching its prey in mid-air.

At Dragonfly Design Group (DDG), we deliver graphic design solutions with vision, speed, and accuracy. On the hunt since 2000, we’ve partnered with global PR agencies and small startups, capturing audience attention in industries from pharma, health and consumer brands to real estate, finance, public policy, and technology.

Web, video, and print, our wingspan covers a myriad of deliverables, including website design and coding, HTML emails and banner ads, video production and editing, animated infographics, social media content, presentations, campaign logos, marketing materials, trade shows, and product mailers.

Flying across multiple time zones, we activate a team of talent around your project and use our HD vision to amplify your concept. With agility and grace, we strive to become an extension of your team. Call us and watch your ideas take flight!